Dec 5, 2007


Hallo everybody.

The Kazbegi-GLEN-girls Kadri, Christina and Elina are proud to present
the main result of their project: the very-very advanced web-page for
Kazbegi and surroundings:

Please enjoy and tell about it to EVERYBODY who is going to Georgia
and Kazbegi. Feedback is also welcome, we won't bite -- may-be.

Special-special-special thanks to T├Ánu for design.
Special-special thanks to Steffen for consulting.
Special thanks to Nadia for correcting the texts.


Nov 9, 2007


Now I am back in Germany but my thoughts still wander around in Georgia quite often. Thinking about the great time I had there but also about current events.

These pictures of the peaceful demonstration I took on my last evening in Tbilisi- 4rth of November. Since then many things happened. Saakashwily showed his interpretation of democracy.

Armenia at night

The Skyline of Yerevan from the top of the Cascades. Mount Ararat looks so close and is still unreachable for Armenian people.

Mother Armenia looking towards Turkey, a sword in her hands.

This interesting fugure stands at the top of the Cascades just behind the huge 50th Anniversery of Soviet Armenia monument. It costs around 600000 euro and it is art...

With Agnesa and her husband, who where our angels in Yerevan, we went to Restaurant Caucasus for some delicious Armenian food. One meal was called "eat and shut up". I did just that.

After visiting Yerevan we spend a day with Agnesas family in the north of the country in Vanadzor. Great people.

Armenia at day time

After Kadri and Elina had left I decided to spend the remaining 5 days outside Georgia and left with Dagmar for a short trip to Armenia.

Very nice and very expensive: Market in City Centre.

Yerevan is compared to Tbilisi older, but looks much younger. There are building and construction sites all over the city. According to our Armenian friends there will be elections next year and the present president wants to finish as much as possible for a better record.

Our first sight visited: Garni Temple. The last remaining pagan temple in the whole area of the former Soviet Union.

Geghard Monastery outside Yerevan. One of the most atmospheric churches i have visited, with one of the most scenic and at the same time disgusting toilettes (see picture below for outside).

Thanks to a group of German parliamentarians who travelled with an Armenian singing group for cultural entertainment we where able to listen to some great singing with fantastic acoustic.

Men socializing in the the park of the most sacred church in Armenia: Echmiadzi. When we where there, there was a church service held. Really impressing and different from the ones I have seen so far.

Nov 8, 2007

Last days in Georgia

Project is over. So what is left is to say Goodbye. Due to bad weather and lack of electricity we left Kazbegi earlier then we had planned. On the last morning we went up to the church to see the sunrise. But there was no sun, only steady rain. Nether less a very special trip. In Tbilisi we spend the last days doing some fun stuff and trying to get everything ready for leaving.

Second and last visit to Mother Georgia.

Nivas final minutes in our company ended almost painfully- Or: Georgian driving. Kaspars rented Niva for the time of his and Elinas project. Sometimes we also had the pleasure of going on a trip with her. Great freedom on and off the road.

Nice and rather calm candlelight Sit-in in our second home the Latvian Consulate before the departure of Elina and Kadri on 31st of October. Very very sad. After they left I spend my fist night alone in a room for three month.

Next night I spend at Linas and Justs living museum. There was so much to discover!

The famous bath in Tbilisi. Looks like a mosque but is more a temple of cleanliness. We had some great parties here, it became like a ritual to go there before someone was leaving (so to all who are still there: Keep the tradition!)

Last Restaurant visit. Toasts about “What will Christina miss in Germany”: The people present, dancing in Restaurants, eating and ordering Georgian food, Georgian Wine, ...

After leaving Georgia early in the morning I had the day in Riga. Kaspars took me for a walk in the old harbour. It really reminded me of Hamburg... getting closer to home...

Image taken in Riga. I kind of felt like this.