Sep 26, 2007


Mariamoba, on the 28th of August is one of the greatest holydays in Georgia. Thousands of pilgrims from all over the country make their way up to Sameba church in Kazbegi. It is a day for sancification, mediations and joy, a day spend with family and friends.

Resting on the way to the church.

Together with hundreds of pilgrims we went into Sameba church and lit some candles.

The biggest cars where parked just in front the church.

Everyone able to ride a horse was racing up and down the hill.

Georgian ritual: Taking a lamb up to the church, surrounding the church three times and then slaughtering the animal outside the church yard, boiling the meat and eat it there with friends and family.

Big party at our house. One of the sons of the family came home for the holyday- together with 14 friends. Georging feasting at its best, with great singing and music, delicious food, toasts from the heart and of course a lot of alcohol!

Mt Kazbeg with lightened chruch at night: This picture was taken on the same day at 1o pm with extreme long exposure time. In moments like this i really wish for a tripod!

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